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Reviews for Carla Blaha Intuitve Medium
" I hosted a message circle in my home with 6 other participants. I knew it would be a fun evening regardless of what messages that Carla would be able to pass along, but I never expected so much communication from the people in our past. The messages were very accurate and left us all feeling very happy & comforted to know that our loved ones were able to come forth. I will definitely have another circle!" Gail CT

"I have had several Reiki and card readings sessions with Carla. I am thoroughly pleased with her ability. I continue to use her. Patricia, NY

"I have had card readings with Carla and always leave uplifted and secure. I had one previous Reiki session years ago that did not go well (with someone else). I love Carla's energy and decided it was worth another try. I felt so relaxed and completely balanced when I left. The headache I had when we started was gone!" Helayne NY

"For some time I've been meaning to convey how much you've helped me this past year and I'm finally getting around to it. You came into my life at a very important moment not long after my husband passed away. You suggested I ask for signs and did I get them!! It made me feel so much more comfortable knowing he was where he was supposed to do. In addition to that you did a reading for me which strongly suggested that this was now my time and to look for ways to enrich my own life. I'm beginning to do that now and I thank you so much for that encouragement. In short, everything you have done, including Reiki and a group reading has been so helpful to me during a difficult time. I am grateful to know you and have you in my life.
Peace, Kathy NY"

"My first reading with Carla was at a house party - not knowing her previously - I did not know what to expect. I very quickly felt connected and knew that what she offered was nothing but pure truth - with astounding accuracy. I have since had private readings, and intuitive writings - knowing that I can go to Carla regarding any issue that I may want guidance on without judgement and get only the truth that I am supposed to hear. Every time I am more amazed at her accuracy. I now have many friends that go to Carla. She has guided me in my love of Angels - teaching me how to communicate with them and be open to their signs - which come in so many ways. My first Reiki session left me with incredible inner peace and a sense of calmness - my second was very "uplifting" to say the least and I felt like a giddy child afterward. I have decided to continue with a session every few months!"
Robin CT

Hey Carla,
 I wanted to thank you for the other day. After talking about things/names/letters you brought up, many things came to mind after the fact for my mother and made complete sense. We went to you because my mom has lost a lot recently. I went with her because I knew she wasn't ready to go alone. We really wanted to connect to my grandma and were able to and I thank you for that. I do plan on seeing you again! Thanks again!"  Annie, NY