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Phone: 914-924-7153
Intuitive Coaching 
I'm very excited to be able to offer Coaching.  I am combing my talents as a Psychic Medium with my background as a teacher to formulate a system to help you identify goals, remove blocks, devise strategies to help you hit the ground running! Each person has individual needs and goals.  Coaching will be created to help you as the unique person your are achieve your highest and greatest good. 

Coaching: Overview 

Coaching is to promote clarity, help you remove blocks, energy, identify destiny points. Create an action plan to help you achieve a specific goal, find direction, stay on that path that leads to that goal and or your True North. Awakening. 

1. Initial consultation (approximately 1.5 hours). 
•Assess needs, desires, goals. 
•Assess potential blocks, patterns. 
•As part of the initial consultation you will receive an intuitive reading for deeper insight to destiny points, blocks, true north direction from the Universal Source. 
•If energy tether cutting exercise to remove cords that no longer serve you. 
•Additional elements vary person to person.  

2. I will create a PDF or Word Document of weekly/monthly strategies to fit your needs, to follow (with flexibility) to achieve what you are trying to accomplish based on our consultation and intuitive reading. This will be emailed to you.

3. Optional: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings phone or virtual to assess, redirect or add to the coaching plan. CIRS cutting or visualization exercises. 

•Initial Consultation 1.5 hour (approximately) assessment, PDF/Word document.
•Optional follow ups meetings, phone or virtual. 
•Package of two/three/four follow ups and bundles suited to your needs.  
-Optional Booster Sessions: 20 minutes.